Boosting the Market Value Through Property Upgrading


By: Joseph J Wilkerson

Whether you want to boost the market value of your home because you are planning to sell it or you simply want to get it renovated, property upgrading would be necessary.

However, this can be very costly. Fortunately, there are cheaper ways that can provide you almost the same results. In doing some improvements in your estate, you may want to look into it by parts so that it will be easier for you to do the upgrading.

This way, the task would be less daunting for you. Below are some tips that can help you get started.

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Great article from The NAHB: How to Choose a Home Builder

If you’re in the market for a new home, you should shop for your builder as carefully as you shop for your home. Whether you are buying a condo, a townhouse, a house in a subdivision, or a custom built house, you want to know that you are buying a good quality home from a reputable builder. Here are a couple of tips to help you choose a builder.

Make A List of Possible Builders

Once you have thought about the type of house you want, you will need to find a builder.

  • Contact your local home builders’ association to obtain a list of builders who construct homes in your area. You can find your local HBA at You can also look on, NAHB’s official new homes listing website.
  • Look in the real estate section of you local newspaper for builders and projects. Looking through the ads and reading the articles can help you to learn which builders are active in your area, the types of homes they are building, and the prices you can expect to pay. Make a list of builders who build the type of home you’re looking for in your price range.
  • Local real estate agents may also be able to help you in your search. Ask friends and relatives for recommendations. Ask about builders they have dealt with directly, or ask them for names of acquaintances who have recently had a good experience with a builder.

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Contact us at Ron Williams Building Company where we also do renovations, as well as custom homes!

Renovating…taking on too much

Tackling home improvement projects without the basic skills to complete the project is never a good decision.

Hiring a contractor with recommendations, a proven track record of success and a positive, established reputation is always the to go. Trying to knock out big projects on your own can only lead to even bigger problems. If you are better working with a computer keyboard in an office than a hammer, you might be better off working extra at the office and hiring the skilled carpenter to do your project.

With the professional at the helm, everything will look better, will be safer for you, and if there are permits or inspectors needed according to local laws, the company you hire will work closely with the local officials to ensure everything is legally executed.

What’s the big project you’ve been putting off?

Contact us at Ron Williams Building Company where we also do renovations, as well as custom homes!

How to Avoid Contract Closing Headaches!

By C. Michael Hunter

From the perspective of a buyer, the need to secure the contract of sale on their new property is a very important priority. There may be a few obstacles during the process of having a new home that is built by a contractor before the purchaser is able to obtain full ownership of the property.

In order to avoid the stress associated with this process, it is important for buyers to know about some typical problems that could occur and have some idea as to how to avoid these bumps along the way. These are difficulties that could occur whether purchasing a brand new home or an existing home on the market.


Sustainable Improvements To Your Home

insulating attic Source:

Nowadays, environmental concerns have become the basis of many new laws and legislations being brought in, ass well as some voluntary standards by which to abide by. These concerns have given rise to many environmental businesses who work to provide a way to help other companies reduce their impact on the environment, while in turn, strengthening their public image and also in cost savings with the reduction in the energy costs of their day to day running.

While the fine details of how companies go about making less of an environmental impact, the fundamentals are still true for many home owners who wish to reduce their own carbon footprint, and potentially save some money while they’re at it. The Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH) was originally a voluntary guideline set out to attempt to help people make environmentally friendly homes. It sets a clear guideline and rating system to help people see where they might be able to improve the sustainability of their home and to rate their households based on improvements they choose to make.

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