Most Important Things To Know When Choosing A Home Builder


Building a new home can be a very lucrative and rewarding investment — provided that you choose the right home builder to handle the job.  These tips will help you clarify your home building goals and find the best home builder to entrust with your project.

Deciding what to build
Before you can choose a home builder, you need to have a clear picture of what type of home you want.  Much like doctors who specialize in different types of medicine, home builders also specialize in building certain types of homes.

First decide which type of home you need:  condo, townhouse, or single-family.

Then determine whether you want a custom home or a production home.  Custom homes are typically one-of-a-kind single-family residences built on land the client owns.  Because every aspect of a custom home is unique, a custom home is typically a higher-end home.  Custom home builders also tend to build just a few (typically under 25) homes per year because each project is so different.

Production home builders, on the other hand, usually build a large volume of homes.


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